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The Witcher 3: How to find Arenaria

2020-01-03 07:59:07

The content that we will find in this article will explain how to find Arenaria in The Witcher 3.

In The Witcher 3 we have to take into account the fundamental role of alchemy, decoctions are an important supply that will allow us to eliminate the monsters we face, herbs are the key to creating the decoctions, this time we have to know how to find Arenaria, to have the answers, the following content will cover all those details that we will need to know, so let's continue with the explanation.

What is the Arenaria in The Witcher 3?

Throughout the continent we can find the Arenaria, this is a white flower, it is possible that our goal of obtaining it is from the very beginning of the game, therefore we will have the details that will tell us in which area we can find it from White Orchard, so that we will gain access to have it since we started in the game.

How to find Arenaria in The Witcher 3?

Starting from White Orchard the inn, we have to go west, in a field near 100 meters we will find a plot of Arenaria, here there are many that are scattered throughout the place, certainly picking it up will be an option but it is also possible to have access to this by buying it in Tomira, which is located east of the Sawmill and also east of Lindenvale, in the Velen Herbalist.

The Specter Oil can be developed and will be the useful option that we can give to the Arenaria, with this decoction we can hit Specters, having with Geralt an additional 10 percent advantage in our attack power, or also use it as part of White Gull the recipe , with which in the game we can create a higher level team, it is good to take into account another use of the Arenaria, this is in the creation of hangman's venom and Petri Filter.

We conclude with this article, with the result of the content being the answers to How to find Arenaria in The Witcher 3, we hope that with these guidelines our readers will achieve this objective.

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