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Knowing how to find all the memory shard is an important task and is what we will talk about in this The Medium guide.

What to know about memory chunks in The Medium?

This game does not allow to have various necessary objects and the shard are precisely collectible objects, so knowing how to find all the memory shard allows us to unlock an achievement, as long as this is done in a single game, the idea of this task is to be able to reconstruct what has happened in the past, as it is necessary to walk through history both in the real world and in the world of spirits.
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    How to find all memory shard in The Medium?

    • William Blake's book: this is a necessary memory shard, and we must take it in The Medium before starting a side mission, the book is at the bottom of a room, and we must interact with this book, to get to it, it is necessary, fall into the hole in the floor of the Niwa hotel, where we observe that Marianne enters the room where we get the object that serves to activate the spiritual well that eliminates the swarm of bees, since they are blocking our exit.
    • The stacked boxes: we continue the journey to know how to find all the memory shard, and it is time to look for the stacked boxes, because we continue in the spirit world, and we can see that Marianne has difficulty moving forward in the real world, this is It is because debris falls that do not allow it to move forward, for this it will be necessary to make use of the “out-of-body experience” skill, because with it, it is possible to slide to the next room, we observe that the memory fragment is there, but we cannot access him still, so we go to the back of the room to take a look through the door opening, we must drain the bathtub that contains blood and proceed to take the knife with which we will cut the leather door, with this we get that Mariannne returns to the body, then we return to the place where we had seen the fragment of stacked boxes belonging to the real world, and we can discover what it contains.
    • The hospital drip: this is another necessary memory fragment, as we must inspect the drip and this occurs when we see a scene of sadness in the downtown hospital area.
    • The piano keys: knowing how to find all the memory shard works like a puzzle and which involves us in a search for two worlds, the piano keys allow us to interact with them to find the information of the past, to get them it is necessary to have completed the balloon puzzle because this allows us to go to the door of the outside area and from there go to the room where the objective is.
    • The glasses: these are on a desk, it is necessary to inspect them and to get to them, it is necessary to get the key from the teacher that is on the flower mural in the room.
    • Painting: this is another necessary action, since we must interact with the painting that is located on the easel, for this it requires passing the swarm of bees using the spiritual shield, to reach the ground floor and enter the room of the right.
    • The toy doll: this is another necessary fragment that we must inspect, because it is a painting that is on an overturned chair, and we only get it by going after the trail of the spirit.
    • The tape: This is another memory fragment in The Medium, and it is not far from the wrist, it will only be necessary to interact with this one that is on the desk on the left side.
    • The fuel container: This is another object that we must inspect to get a memory fragment, it will only be necessary to walk to the left outside the red house where we can see some debris.
    • The gas canister: this is the last object that we will inspect, because we only need to move to the left of the entrance of the house and voila, with this we manage to complete the task of getting the shard, in addition to activating the next scene.

     Now that you know how to find all the memory shard, you can take the time and go in search of them, to complete this phenomenal puzzle in The Medium, give it a try.

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