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The action in The Medium does not stop, today it leads us to discover how to find all echoes.

What to know about echoes in The Medium?

Based on the plot of the game we find collectibles, once we are close to one we hear some whispers that guide us to its location, we have to explore the object by turning it with the right thumb and with the acumen skill activated with The left pulse to find this, we must take into account the existence of a total of 28 of these objects, getting them all allows us to win an achievement, but if we do not know how to find all echoes, this guide presents the details of each one of them, let's see them.

How to find all echoes in The Medium?

  •  First phone: at the entrance of the niwa hotel there are steps that lead to a booth where the echo will be
  • First shoe: on our left we will look for some abandoned clothes inside the niwa hotel, where we will see a briefcase with which to interact by finding it.
  • Second phone: once we pass the moths for the first time, we have to use our perception ability once we reach the end of the hall, to notice a handprint on the door that is to our left, there is a key on the table that we will be able to take once we enter with the out-of-body experience skill, we return and continue down the hall until we reach the moths that are near the closed door, upon entering we will be in the bathroom, we find the phone on the desk once we turned right down the hall.
  • The container of the pills: the moths are blocking the exit of a room, which turns out to be where we will do the restoration of the energy of a spiritual well, so as for How to find all echoes this will take us to the bathroom through the wall and in the sink we find the container near a newspaper.
  • The bathroom mirror: when we progress in The Medium being in the same room in which we find the shaver we will go to the bathroom to see its mirror.
  • The warning sign: with the button and we have to drop the empty pool to enter the day center to go to the back corner on the left.
  • The remains of blood: on the left once we leave the pool we must see the debris on our right.
  • The bloody clothes: near a bench and some lockers we will find clothes on the floor, this after having passed through a hole in the wall.
  • The rotating toy: to find it once we find ourselves sadly through the mirror portal we have a door to our left, going down to the pool we will go in the direction of an alley.

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    • The dog toy: as for How to find all echoes for this we must follow the trail of the spirit from the open locker, which guides us to the empty pool, if we drop we will find the toy.
    • The first teddy bear: in a chair that is surrounded by rubble we found it when we followed the trail of the pool going up The Medium.
    • The tank toy: following the trail to the shower room we find ourselves moving the cart to take this toy.
    • Third phone: once we find the jaws it is necessary to go through the room until we reach the examination area and on the wall mounted this is located.
    • The Autograph Card: Inspection of Vivienne's cards found in the principal's office while we are on the hunt for the mask for the spirit of the dancer.
    • Fourth phone: with the search for the face mask of another spirit we have to leave the mirror portal that is in that room, we will arrive at the right to a path along the wall until we reach a desk in The Medium where we will search.
    • The ashtray: while we continue to see How to find all echoes, in this case we must follow the path that is to the right of the voting room, going through the table and chairs to reach a desk where it is located.
    • The wheelchair: when we leave the mirror portal towards real life, it is necessary to take the shear to our left and then to the right we continue until we find this wheelchair in the exam room.
    • The drawing of the horse: when we get to the center of the day room once the cut was sadly presented, we have to use a knife to cut the skin of the door where we get to a box on a table where the drawing we are going is to inspect.
    • The pen case: once we get the key to the teachers' room, we will go to the door near the flower and butterfly mural to open it, on a table we find this case.
    • Fifth phone: at the beginning of the forest section we have to go down the stairs and to the right of the narrow path we will go to a phone booth.
    • The pack of cigars: we will go through the swing that leads to a rock on our left after having passed through a scene with sadness in The Medium.
    • The steering wheel with a buckle: we turn around starting from the previous echo to look for a wheel near the rubble.
    • The wooden horse: progressing in how to find all echoes we have to go from the wheel to the building behind, on top of a counter to the left we find this horse.
    • The cassette recorder: for this one in The Medium we have to go to the garage to the back of the workshop, on the floor between some fallen wood is the recorder on the floor.
    • The suitcase: we have almost completely covered How to find all echoes, for this we must continue from the recorder where we turn left to interact with a suitcase on the counter
    • The second teddy bear: in the basement of the red house, once we go down some stairs that are destroyed on the left we find some boxes where the bear is.
    • The needle: in The Medium from the bear we go forward towards a shelf to find the needle.
    • The second shoe: in relation to finding all the echoes we reach the last one, starting from the needle we will turn to go in the direction of other boxes that are in the lower part of the screen, until we see a hole in the left wall arriving to find it there.

     Finally, now that we know how to find all echoes we can move on to The Medium.

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