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Weapons in The Division 2 are the greatest resources, so today we explain how to get the Grudge SMG

The DLC of the game brings with it some interesting news that we cannot miss, as New York is the center of attention where we can get formidable and exotic weapons that we cannot miss due to the great utility they can offer us at certain times.

Why do I need to get the Grudge SMG in The Division 2?

This game has as a center of attraction the shots which implies having the best armament as possible, feet we have to do our best to get weapons that have a fantastic range in terms of statistics and extent of damage, because we will have to equip it since This is not included here, it is important these details that it presents:
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  • Weapon statistics are 70k damage.
  • 900 rounds per minute in shots.
  • Size 57 charger.
  • The weapon is achieved at level 40

The ability to cause damage makes this SMG a formidable tool ideal for blunt blows and why not for revenge.

How to get the Grudge SMG in The Division 2?

Requirement number 1 to complete the New York Warlords campaign, eliminating the final boss there to drop the weapon, in addition to that we get another interesting reward and it is the SMG Talents of resentment.

Perfect Vindictive.

This talent implies the ability to kill an enemy with a status effect that we ourselves can give, involving allies at 20 m, thereby highlighting the possibility of getting a blunt critical hit of at least 18 percent and a critical hit damage. the same for a period of 20 seconds which are necessary to determine the capacity of this excellent weapon that we have set out to achieve.

Now that you know how to get the Grudge SMG in The Division 2 it is time to put into practice what is written and observe how interesting this weapon can be.

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