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Lidia Rozo
2020-03-05 22:54:20

More about: The Division 2

We have made a guide for you explaining where to Find Financial District SHD Caches in The Division 2.

Technological caches are scattered, so it is necessary to have knowledge about Where to Find Financial District SHD Caches, as it is a fairly complete region and in this The Division 2 guide we will see the exact places of each one of them being a total of 5.

What should we know about SHD caches in The Division 2?

To know where to Find Financial District SHD Caches is ideal to keep in mind that they tend to be quite scattered, in the areas, which makes it moderately difficult because they are kept hidden quite hidden and we must take the necessary time to get them.
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Where to Find Financial District SHD Caches in The Division 2?

Below we detail the exact places in the financial district where it is possible to get the caches.

First SHD cache.

Our job here is to mobilize in the direction of the Burger Bar because it has an alley on the right side where there is a door that we will cross, then it takes us to a closed door that we take down and proceed to climb the stairs until we reach the statue of a soldier which is in a room, because at the base of it we get this cache, located exactly southwest of the financial district settlement.

2nd SHD cache

This will take us through some underground sewers, then it is necessary to turn in the right direction, go down and shoot the padlock, because this one has the road blocked, then we will run to the other side, and when opening the door pick up the cache then We will go out the door and go to the right, locating this location in the west of Bond National Park.

Third SHD cache.

The cache of the building, to get to it, it is necessary to move from one building to another starting from a control point on Water Street, because the good thing is that outside breasts it gives the possibility of having some allies in The Division 2 we enter a building and climb Through the stairs we turn left and move towards the wide windows.

We follow the stairs on the left to fire the lock of the other building that keeps the door closed, here it is necessary to have to jump and climb to a platform in order to enter the room and observe that there is a hiding place of statues where it will obviously be said cache waiting for us, as we see, it is a matter of strategy and perseverance to know where to Find Financial District SHD Caches

Fourth SHD cache.

The checkpoint to start this search is located to the west of Wáter Street, where we observe a truck parked in front of a small pizzeria, we will look up where there is a climbing rope, we shoot to jump to the truck and access it, we go up and turn left with it we managed to go down the stairs by dropping the rope until we go down to the panel where we will shoot, we return again to the elevator door and we go up with the rope, locating a closed room where the cache is hidden in The Division 2

Fifth SHD cache

The last necessary object takes us to South Street, we will see there a building with graffiti where we observe in detail that a graffiti has a climbing rope, we must shoot it so that it descends, we climb and we go to the left reaching the fenced area, then we shoot at top panel, in order to open the door to reach the roof, firing again at another panel that opens the doors of the tower to achieve our goal.

This is simply all you need to know about Where to Find Financial District SHD Caches in The Division 2

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