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Lidia Rozo
2020-03-10 03:05:33

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The Division 2 always keeps us in constant motion, let's see exactly how to get the hunters in the Civic Center

Why get the Hunters of the Civic Center in The Division 2?


  It is necessary to look for exactly 2 hunters, that is what we will focus on when we go for our goal that is to know how to get the hunters in the Civic Center, which is located between the hiding places that are in the financial district, the two bridges and Battery park, because it is precisely there they will appear after they have been spawned while we are immersed in the New York Warlord expansion.
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How to get the hunters in the Civic Center in The Division 2?


 The Gate control point must be our point from where we can locate and start the trips for our objectives, because we need to proceed to the laundry in Canal St this can be captured in the northeast part of the map being precisely found in Oliver's corner St, if we realize well what is around we can observe a sign that says UDBG, the only thing we will do is enter the laundry that has the number 23 and interact with it in such a way that we manage to make the energy can be turned off.


 After that comes another activity and is to find a yellow container, because for this we will have to get into the garage that is identified with a yellow line where the brick is because to arrive, here it is necessary to jump, until arriving to the wall and to be able to pass over in such a way that the garage door can be opened, in order to be able to enter, and interact directly with the fuse box that is there, because this happens specifically when we are on our way to Two Bridges traveling the border of the financial district and the two bridges, which is quite complicated, but it is our job to know how to get the hunters in the Civic Center


 In The Division 2 and upon arriving at this place we are again given the possibility of returning to the laundry 23 to interact again with it, managing to enter through the back, specifically where the fuses are located, and do everything possible to turn on the lights again, because the idea is through all illuminated to get the key of the apartment that has fallen back to the fuse box once again, because we will have to do our best to get to apartment 23 and open it with the key to observe a wall with many odd numbers, this usually happens after having climbed the stairs, open the sunset and continue the stairs to our destination.

What do the numbers in apartment 23 in The Division 2 indicate?

 Our work does not end here, this means that we will still have to move, because the numbers simply indicate that we must move to another apartment through Columbus, we look at the panorama and we go to the right where there is an alley where we will see a Chinese food restaurant, in the top part we can visualize a claw and after demolishing it it is only a matter of going down the stairs, following the path that takes us through the roofs to go directly to the fire escape.


 Knowing how to get the hunters in the Civic Center is not a simple but necessary task, because it precisely puts us between a thin line that we must cross, and here we have an electronically closed door that we can only open by shooting at the box and this can only be done once we have connected following the yellow cable that is responsible for linking to another building, obviously it should take us to another apartment where we must notice the warning sign that says clearly Dare to approach, because here we will have to interact with Carbonized corpse that is in place, because of it we can collect useful information that can allow us to open some clues in The Division 2.


 With all this work done on our shoulders finally comes the culminating moment of our mission and it is to reach the Civic Center, because we have to place ourselves exactly in front of the building that has been consumed by the flames of a voracious fire, there we will still have a task that solve and is to look for a corpse that contains a clock on the right side and interact, since this is the perfect place for hunters to spawn and therefore our favorite place to tear them down thereby achieving our goal and acquiring for us as a reward for Psycho and Drip masks to use when and how we want it while we are in this expansion.

 Now that you know all the necessary steps to know how to get the hunters in the Civic Center, you can take a tour of this expansion and experience this phenomenal adrenaline that we can only get in The Division 2.

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