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Lidia Rozo
2020-03-10 17:20:34

More about: The Division 2

In The Division 2 it is usually important to have access to some spaces and for this we need to know how to obtain ivory keys

Why should we get the ivory keys in The Division 2?

   The control points of the warlords expansion allow us to access certain interesting places or elements, as there are some quite good chests only that this is where the keys come into play, but specifically that of ivories we are looking for, we must know that There are 8, there is also the possibility of getting Riker and Cleaner chests, only the ivory key blocks a special chest which implies that it is much more important.
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What are ivory keys in The Division 2?


 They are a necessary element and can only be achieved by knocking down the hunters, who are precisely powerful enough heads of the NPCs that are hidden by the game, among the eventualities known here we can highlight the interaction with the corpses to invoke the hunters or simply Go to the civic center.


 How to get ivory keys in The Division 2?


 First of all it is important to note that previously the keys were usually made by hunters, but now the picture looks different, because we must receive not only one but a group of eight to reach our goal and finally open the special chest.


 Currently it is not necessary to have to join other players to get the ivory keys, with which we can change the physical appearance of our character, as this can be achieved through the mayor or the seller, and go again to the White House where We will have to choose to get some necessary weapons and one of them may be the F2000 assault rifle that allows us to get the keys.


 We can only get the keys when we have finished the game, but obviously we will also find ourselves in need of getting more hunters, because that is part of the expansion and despite being our enemies it makes it more entertaining.

 Consequently, knowing how to obtain ivory keys is a very important task that can only be accessed by finishing The Division 2.

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