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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-03-09 18:36:40

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If you are having problems in The Division 2 for not knowing how to Fix Character Locked error, in this guide you will find the solution

What is the character lock error in The Division 2.

The problem appeared shortly after the launch of the new expansion "Warlords of New York", in users who used the mode of sharing games on Xbox One, which allowed that to share content on two different Xbox One consoles, to these users The characters that had previously started expanding are now prevented from playing the game because they are now locked. But fortunately we know how to correct the character blocking error and in this guide we will answer it.
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How to Fix Character Locked error in The Division 2.

The solution of the developers was to launch a new update, the developers recommended restarting the console and then downloading the update which, after being installed, should allow you to access your characters as before, as well as allow you to access the new expansion.

Unfortunately, the solution seems to work only for Xbox One users, because PlayStation 4 users who use the share feature on their consoles said they have not been able to access Warlords of New York through it, so both players would have to Buy the Warlords of New York expansion separately to play.

We hope that our guide on how to Fix Character Locked error in The Division 2 has been useful and serves as a solution for those who are going through this problem, we also hope that the error is fixed at the root as soon as possible by the developers and at that time We will be here to tell you all about it.

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