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Lidia Rozo
2020-08-27 19:45:55

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Knowing how to complete the investigation of Titan is a necessary task that we must carry out in The Division 2, and here we tell you how to do it.

What does The Division 2 bring us?

  This is simply a game that comes highly loaded with some number of interesting tasks, where there are more enemies, because this simply leads us to enter the new season that is called The Keener Legacy and we require to complete the investigation of Titan since With this we can choose some interesting and necessary rewards, however, it is not an easy task based on the fact that here we have the possibility of meeting Hornet who is willing to eliminate us and is simply a formidable boss.
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How to complete the Titan investigation in The Division 2?

 This is simply an interesting task that requires carrying out some complementary tasks in the open world to achieve the greatest objective that is simply Chief Hortnet, some investigations are usually carried out in the Pentagon or west of Washington, pus is precisely those places that are marked with yellow hearts, it is also important to know that the difficulty in which this investigation should be carried out is Normal or Superior difficulty.


 These are the activities that we must complete:


  •  Get 3 checkpoints in West Potomac Park to claim 2 rewards.
  • Get 3 checkpoints at the Lincoln Memorial and the Foggy Bottom to claim 2 rewards.
  • Research is possible in the DARPA lab and at the Pentagon.


 What is the Titan reward in The Division 2?

 Once we have completed the activities and carried out the necessary investigations, it is possible to opt for the rewards, as they are the result of our work, only that for this it is necessary to kill Titan as soon as we have activated the Instruction reward that is composed of some loot and an interesting amount of experience.

 This is all you need to know about How to complete the investigation of Titan, it is simply a task that only requires moving a little until we get to eliminate Titan in The Division 2.

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