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Lidia Rozo
2020-08-27 19:36:28

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The enemies in The Division 2 must simply be eliminated and this leads us to explain how to beat Hornet Prime Target

Who is Hornet Prime Targeten The Division 2?

This is an enemy that we find ourselves, which we must defeat but that we can only achieve after having taken 4 lieutenants out of the way, as these are part of the elements that will be necessary to face in the season of Keener's Legacy, who is precisely the most important goal.

Hortnet Primer Target aids are:

  •   Hunter.
  • Termite.
  • Titan.
  • Moon.

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How to beat Hornet Prime Target in The Division 2?

Our goal requires us to be skillful enough and to have promoted the mission, because by this point we will have a formidable enough level, since being a level 40 boss implies that he is simply strong, of course this does not mean that he can be the hardest But if it is among one of those that can be complex, the good thing is that the difficulty is not important, so we can choose the one that we consider can be better.

Defeating this boss leads us to make use of a room on the second floor where it will be necessary to get SHD Tech, here we get the ability to Repair the Trap capable of making a minefield of devices reappear small enough whose ability to repair friends that they can be close is interesting. Now this boss is located in the West Potomac fortress, it is necessary to proceed to cross the fortress completing some new or old objectives that really does not have much importance, you just have to complete them and that's it.

 In general terms, knowing how to beat Hornet Prime Target simply depends on our ability and having achieved a good level since it can be strong enough in The Division 2.

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