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Ambar Jimenez
2023-09-25 09:13:28

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre takes the storyline of the 1974 horror movie of the same name. It's a battle between Leatherface's family and a group of hippy victims. The hippies fight to survive Leatherface's family, who ultimately want to eat them. You can choose to play the game as one of the villains or one of the victims.

Either way, you must have your survival or hunting skills on point. In this article, we'll give you tips on enhancing your hunting skills and playing as a family member. Then, if you get really good and want to stream your gameplay, head on over to https://streamershaven.blog/ for a full rundown on everything you need to know to dive into the world of video game streaming.

The Family Survival Tips

When you play as part of the slaughter family, the story is that you've captured four victims after torturing them in the basement. However, they somehow managed to escape. Now it's time to find and neutralize them before they get too far and escape your area for good. Do you know how to get them?

Wake the Family Patriarch

The first essential step is to wake Grandpa. He's the family patriarch and is excellent at detecting victims. He's immobile, so you must find and feed him as much blood as possible.

This wakes him up with high detection levels. When finding him, collect as much blood as you can from buckets. With the strong detection abilities of Grandpa, nearby victims' hiding spots will be highlighted on the map.

Check Blood Trails

The victims are bleeding from all your torture before escaping the basement. The blood trails become even more visible if a victim hides closer to where you are. So, remember to look down as you move around.

Listen for Sound Signals

A red circle audio indicator appears in an area to indicate noise. This can help you find the hippies. However, it detects various noises that aren't limited to ones caused by the victims. It could be chickens or one of the family members making noise. It can also be doors opening, hens alerting their flock of danger, or someone tripping on bones.

Our Verdict

Choosing to be in the villainous family in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game doesn't necessarily put you at an advantage. You have to enhance your hunting skills, find the victims and slaughter them before they're nowhere to be found.

As the victims try to escape, you can use their weaknesses and the family's strengths to find them. Their shortcomings include leaving blood trails and making noises while trying to hide or make other escape moves.

Your strengths include following blood trails and seeing when it's fresh enough for the victim to be nearby. Also, remember to collect blood for Grandpa so he can help you detect any hippies hiding nearby.

This multiplayer game is fun and engaging on either side of the team if you can use the features to your advantage. If you’re looking for an entertaining and somewhat terrifying game, be sure to check this one out!


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