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Angel Marquez
2020-09-01 17:50:19

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Today we bring you a Tell Me Why guide where we will explain how to get All Missable Achievements.

What to know about the achievements in Tell Me Why?

  There are only 10 achievements that can be unlocked in the first chapter, the others are distributed between chapter 2 and 3, most of these are very easy to achieve, more when it is possible to return again with the section in isolation mode to find Those that we have overlooked, in the content of this guide will be the answers that will support us in knowing how to obtain All Missable Achievements, let's go to the details below.
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How to get All Missable Achievements in Tell Me Why?


  •  Chapter 1 must be completed
  • With progressing in the story we will get to unlock the Rearview Mirror achievement
  • As you progress through the story, the achievement of homecoming is unlocked, it is unmissable
  • Memory activation in the interrogation room to achieve the achievement linked to a lie.
  • Making Tessa confess in her store allows us to obtain the achievement of the full confession, here we must talk to Tom to play a song and thus activate some memories here in the store, we have to read an email as a clue in the office and then confront her and thus we will obtain this achievement
  • With the entry with D. Wilson and the password SALEM in the computer that is in the police station we obtain the achievement Hacking 101
  • By solving a puzzle we will be able to enter Mary-Ann's room and thus unlock the achievement Cunning Goblins
  • Getting a collection object allows us to win achievement one for the collection
  • In the police station being inside the locker room we get to be next to our twin, thus we obtain the achievement of we need to talk
  • When we go to the barn of the Ronan family and open the doors we will find a cheevo, thus we obtain the achievement this is despicable

 So we come to the end of this guide that I talk about how to get All Missable Achievements, we hope it is very useful and allows your progress in Tell Me Why.

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