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We have noticed that there are many people wondering how to download Superhot Mind Control Delete for free, so we prepared this guide by answering it.

What is Superhot Mind Control Delete.

It is the third video game in the franchise and one of the most creative games in recent memory. As thanks for making the opening game a true hit, the developers are giving away a free copy of Superhot: Mind Control Delete to everyone who came to buy the original game on any platform. So all those who downloaded the original game will now wonder how to download this one for free.

How to download for free Superhot Mind Control Delete.

To get your free copy of the game all you have to do is have a little patience, as those who bought the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam or the Epic Games Store will automatically receive a free copy in their game library a few days after the independent release on July 16.

You should be aware that the game will not be available to Nintendo Switch or Windows users, but if you have a receipt that can prove their purchase of the original game, you can contact Team Superhot to get a free PC code.

Another thing to keep in mind is that those users who obtained the game through Xbox Games with Gold, PlayStation Now or another raffle, will not be able to choose to get their free copy of the game once it is released, even though these Same users also allowed the game to expand so much.

 This has been our guide on how to download for free Superhot Mind Control Delete, we hope that it has been of the greatest possible use and you can easily access your free copy of the game once it is released on July 16.

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