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Lidia Rozo
2021-03-31 18:19:28

More about: Story of Seasons Pioneers Of Olive Town

Our work for Story of Seasons Pioneers Of Olive Town leads us to tell you How to get olive crystal.

What is olive crystal in Story of Seasons Pioneers Of Olive Town?

This is a rare enough resource that we come across in this game, it is special and can be kept at home or if we are more than donations we can give it to the museum, it is necessary to have this resource as we progress, and to give you the necessary details about said resource we are here.
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How to get olive crystal in Story of Seasons Pioneers Of Olive Town?

 This is an interesting task that leads us to have to take care of draining puddles from our farm in area 3, to carry out this search it is necessary to have a pump or a bucket, these precious stones are not usually seen regularly, as it is necessary Having some luck, however, is not the only way to get hold of them as this simply implies having a good amount of Sprite coins because they can be purchased in the Sprite village on Earth.

 It is necessary to take care of repairing a motorcycle that is deteriorated and the hydroculture plant, for this it is necessary to have some resources that allow us to know how to obtain olive glass and these are:


  •  50 Mirage Woods - These are usually sourced from trees when we cut them down.
  • 20 suction pumps: these are usually made with 10 bricks and 5 silver ingots, they are viable to drain the water from the ponds, only that using them requires having the ability to drain with a minimum of 5.
  • 50 Orichalcum ingots: these are obtained by processing this mineral that we usually get on floors 31 to 50otan only by extracting it from the Valley of the Stonebreakers.
  • 10 olive crystals.


This is all you need to know about How to get olive crystal, as it is a necessary element that we require in Story of Seasons Pioneers Of Olive Town.

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