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Today we have made a guide in order to explain how to fix Steam Settings Missing.

What is Steam Settings Missing?

  This is an inconvenience that usually occurs and this means that Steam Setting is not displayed, this is usually somewhat complex because downloads, the cloud, controller configuration, etc. are complicated, in this case we must consider that this It is not a problem that we can solve by reinstalling something and to give you more details about what you should do, we invite you to continue reading.

How to fix Steam Settings Missing?

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    This configuration can disappear from the client when Family View is usually activated, this is a kind of parental control that usually requires an access code and this causes us to see the error because we cannot access the configuration as usual just by clicking above in this case we must take care of deactivating the Family View option of the profile and to achieve it we must:


    •  Go to the Steam store and log in with the credentials.
    • Next, we need to click on the name in the top corner on the right side to choose Account Details.
    • We proceed to scroll down until we reach the bottom of the page where we need to click Manage Family View under Family Settings.
    • In the case of having a Pin, it is necessary to enter it to access the Family View Settings and proceed to deactivate it, otherwise we must click on Forgot my PIN.
    • Next, Steam will send us the email ID associated with the account, we just have to click on the link and thus disable the family view.
    • To finish we close the Steam client and restart.


    Now that you know how to fix Steam Settings Missing, you can run these instructions and access Steam as usual again.

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