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Lidia Rozo
2021-03-15 17:03:43

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We continue talking about Steam and today it is convenient to tell you how to level up.

What does it mean to level up by Steam?

 This is simply having the possibility of focusing on playing and getting badges or earning XP, since the main objective about knowing how to level up focuses on intertwining Steam with our favorite games, for this it is important to consider the possibility of playing, executing the tasks and apply the strategies that we consider convenient in order to reach the specific objective.

How to level up in Steam?

Fortunately there are several ways to achieve it, for this it is necessary to consider:


  •  Getting our first level means earning 100XP.
  • Each subsequent level up to level 10 allows us to earn 100 XP.
  • After level 10 we must get 200XP per level.
  • From level 20 we must get 300XP and in this way with the following levels in succession, since every 10 levels require an additional 100XP.


 Now, to know how to level up, it is important to focus on some activities, and we will detail them below:
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Choose to create badges: Badges are an excellent option, and it is possible to create, buy or exchange them, it is possible to see them when we go to our name in the account, however this process of creating badges requires:


  •  Have a game that supports the obtaining of badges and to obtain it it is only necessary to search in Steam for which it is only necessary to use the filter with the "Steam exchange card" modifier.
  • We must have some number of cards to create the level 1 badge.
  • You need to consider playing and reaching the maximum number of cards and then choosing to buy the rest of the cards or just trade them.
  • Buying the cards is an action that can be done in the market.
  • Creating a badge is not really expensive, as the cards usually cost only a few cents.
  • Another favorable action to know how to level up creating badges is to consider that if we receive duplicates in the cards we can choose to sell them in order to buy the ones we require in the market.
  • Using Steam at least once a week allows us to get the so-called "Reinforcement Packs" and these can appear randomly where we will see three cards from a set of badges.


 Take care of creating Steam sale badges: this is another favorable action that we are allowed to do, because for our good fortune knowing how to level up is not a very complex matter; In this sense, we must be attentive to sales times because from there we can get excellent options, since we must locate the sales event where we are allowed to receive exchange letters and manage to turn them into badges.

  •  Good to know that the Steam sale badges can be upgraded unlimitedly.
  • Regular badges can hang around for a while the sales are on, as it's vital to take advantage of everything possible.
  • With the sale badges we are allowed to have the possibility of increasing the level.


 Getting the level of the badges up: it is important to consider the possibility of raising the level of the badges, because only in one game is it possible to reach 500XP, because we managed to increase it a maximum of 5 times, because only when creating the badge We are allowed to have the possibility of getting a total of three objects at random, we can either take advantage of them to use them with the purchase of more cards or simply sell them, as they are vital to know how to level up, buy gems, as these are vital to buy Booster Packs.

Get collector badges: this is another action that we can execute when we are interested in knowing how to level up, because we can get it and that it gives us XP due to the number of games we buy in the Steam store, because the more games we buy, the more XP we will get, and therefore it will make us level up.

Get the Community Pillar badge: Getting it is actually not very difficult, as it will only be enough to perform some Steam tasks that may involve adding a friend for example, and that has XP in considerable quantity, because at level 1 we get 100 XP and in this way continue to increase it.

The Years of Service badge: this is another badge that we can get and to achieve it in Steam it is only necessary to have the account for a long time, for each year it usually gives us 50XP.

What are the rewards for leveling up in Steam?


  •  Every time we go up a level we get 5 extra slots for our friends.
  • Between levels 10, 20, 30 and 40 we get a 20 percent chance of receiving effort packages.

 Now that you know how to level up you can concentrate on doing it and in this way continue to enjoy Steam and everything it brings to you.

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