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In the universe of Stardew Valley we have many tasks, one of them is How to marry and here we will cover the details.

What to know about getting married in Stardew Valley?


 Despite being the focus of the game, farming we have to be able to do much more, among which is to form our own family, considering a dozen candidates are presented, being 6 bachelors and 6 bachelorettes, it is an aspect of importance as we seek to know How to marry and to follow the indications that will help us closely follow the following content.


How to marry in 1pCxBG?


The first thing to consider is the preference and personality of each character in Stardew Valley, we have to conquer a potential spouse in terms of How to marry, increasing the relationship by talking to them, giving gifts and completing missions, gifts become the best option to gain affection, through the social tab we can click on a character in the game menu to discover the preferences related to gifts, per week we can give a couple of gifts, apart from it a birthday one, the friendship score is 8 through this option, being important to do it with caution.

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    Now achieving to have the 8 hearts with a bachelor or bachelorette, we will get to receive a letter from Pierre in Stardew Valley, we will get to approach with the inhabitants where he will tell us about the tradition of giving bouquets of flowers as to How to marry in relation to a romantic interest, in Pierre's store for 600 g we will buy a bouquet, by giving it to the candidate for marriage with the 8 hearts, it is something that will seem charmed and their feelings will be similar, with this a couple of remaining hearts are opened in the social indicator and we can bring the relationship up to 10 hearts, the following is that in the social menu will be seen such a character reflected as boyfriend or girlfriend of us.


     To the east of the beach there is a character known as a sailor, which can sell us a mermaid pendant, as long as we have the 10 hearts with one of the bachelors or bachelorettes and that our farm has been improved, this is the equivalent in Stardew Valley to the engagement ring, being its price of 5000 gold, with this we will propose marriage by giving the pendant to our future partner, similar to any gift, as for How to marry we will have it solved when the proposal is accepted, after 3 days when our character wakes up we appear in a marriage ceremony in the town square, the next thing is that we will be on the porch of the farmhouse where our new life begins.

    In conclusion, knowing How to marry is interesting, because it allows us to develop and have more fun in Stardew Valley.

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