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The adventure in Stardew Valley extends allowing us to explain how to make truffle oil, let's see.

Why make truffle oil in Stardew Valley?

 Among so many artisanal products, we have how vital truffle oil can be, because of its profitability and that we can use it in one of the community center packages, so it is necessary that we consider How to make truffle oil, and it is here in this guide where the necessary details to do it will be covered, let's see them from here on.

How to make truffle oil in Stardew Valley?

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    It is necessary to have many things before making truffle oil, among which truffles are required and for this, pigs are required, the latter can be obtained as long as we have a luxury barn, this is possible through Robin, who is able to build it in a standard way paying him wood x350, stone x150 and gold x6000, once it is ready we must make a couple of improvements to make it become luxury, the first improvement requires wood x450, stone x200 and gold x12000, now in the second improvement wood x550, stone x300 and gold x25000 are required, after we meet this requirement we can obtain through the purchase the pig paying gold x16000 to Marnie, this pig will take 10 days to reach maturity In Stardew Valley, we are talking about another requirement as to How to make truffle oil to get the truffles, in this way we must let the pig keep outside as long as it does not rain in spring, summer or autumn, the t ruffles will be searched by the pig taking into account that it must have been fed before, the chances are greater if it has more effect, when the truffle is obtained and it is unearthed we collect it, the use of this resource can go through the chef's package in the community center, or sell it also between 625 and 1250 gold, considering the quality of this.

     We are going to require an oil can, for which we must have a certain level in agriculture, specifically 8 to be able to access the recipe that corresponds to the oil can, being revealed the necessary requirements to make it, such as slimes x50, hardwood x20 and gold ingot x1, from the mines or from the slime hutch we will get the slimes, cutting mahogany trees, the stumps and trunks we will get the hard wood, with the smelting of the gold we can obtain the ingot, having the oil can ready with Now we will see that to solve How to make truffle oil we will need to put sunflower or sunflower seeds in this corn to make standard oil and if we add the truffle we have what we are looking for, it is a process that will last 6 hours, the oil of truffle can be sold between 1065 and 1491 gold as long as we have a profession of artisan, if it is a botanist without that of artisan we will lead to a better quality, this will be iridium, which will be sold for 1250 gold in Stardew Valley, Grando get some more gold.

    Definitely knowing how to make truffle oil is interesting and if we can do it in Stardew Valley, give it a try.

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