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Star Wars Battlefront 2: How To Get Skywalker Skins

2019-12-23 13:00:10

The topic that we come to cover will bring the necessary guidelines to know how to get Skywalker skins in Star Wars Battlefront 2.

 The beginning of Star Wars Battlefront 2 was not that it was expected in some aspects, such as bad microtransactions, but the important thing is that with the passage of time this has made the pertinent corrections and even now it has many current contents that are coming out, between They are our topic to cover, which is How to get skins from Skywalker, knowing beforehand that for the normal game it is not possible to unlock instantly, to cover all these doubts it is good that we have our attention focused on the following content .

What should we know before Skywalker skins in Star Wars Battlefront 2?

 There is another additional way of How to get skins from Skywalker, giving at the same time everything related to the game outside of the pre-order bonuses, Star Wars Battlefront 2: Celebration Edition being this the new edition, which we can acquire by buying it directly, if we already have the game we can improve it even, to enter the most concrete answers of the article let's move on.

How to get Skywalker skins in Star Wars Battlefront 2?

 There is the option to unlock everything at all with the edition of the celebration, but we will have some willing to do it within the game itself, for this we will have 2 possible options, with credits and crystals, we talk that the microtransactions of the game is based on the crystals, being back these, since in the past they were eliminated, for this it is possible to only buy them with real money, the cost is 1000 crystals and that in reality change is $ 9.99 or 8.99 per subscription To EA Access, certainly the edition of the celebration has a lower cost where all three are included, but if your choice is one only, we can spend $ 9.99 and not 24.99.

 In the case of credits, we have that they are 40,000, for each of the skins, it is a possibility that brings an effort, which would be ideal to have as a priority our focus on the individual aspects of one specifically, the game will start to the tab that says start menu collection, here we will look for Rey, Finn or Kylo Ren to choose them, then we will go to the slot that has the Appearances option and choose it, once again we descend until we reach the lower skin, being There is that of The Rise Skywalker and we will unlock it by pressing the indicated button, using the crystals or credits.

 Our explanation has reached the end, where we present the indications that will allow us to obtain Skywalker skins in Star Wars Battlefront 2, so the guarantee to achieve this is in this content, we hope that our readers are satisfied with the information.

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