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Lidia Rozo
2021-03-10 13:59:38

More about: Spotify

Spotify has managed to be a widely used application and therefore it is vital to explain how to improve the sound, let's see.

Is it possible to make Spotify louder?

It is necessary to take care of making some changes in the settings, because here we get some that allow us to achieve somewhat stronger and sharper sounds, as this means that today it will be necessary to know how to improve the sound and this is in a way because precisely Spotify has managed to be one of the best used music services, which makes it an interesting experience, since the possibility of changing the general volume level on some occasions is crucial in an environment where we have the possibility of listening to thousands of artists.

How to improve the sound in Spotify?

To make Spotify have more volume it is necessary to consider some details:

Taking a look at the settings to get there is necessary:


  •  Open Spotify
  • Choose to look for the gear symbol located in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Then we visualize the settings.
  • We proceed to scroll down where we locate a section called Volume and observe the settings, High, Normal, Silence.

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The Normal volume adjustment: it is what it has by default, but there is the possibility to change it if we consider it necessary and choose to place it High, there we will see an option that tells us "It could reduce the dynamics", this simply refers to the changes between loud and soft in relation to the music, as this dynamic is reduced in relation to the high volume setting, but this does not make any considerable difference for those who are not experts, since they will only hear louder noises when adjusted Normal, in this sense , knowing how to improve the sound, makes us choose to take a look at the "Audio Normalization", since making some changes there could present some alterations and this is because some songs have more volume than others, since deactivating this normalization makes There is no option to change the volume level, and it will sound strange, because this normalization makes them all have the same sound note and are not out of place. er that the music sounds better: this is an option that is available when it comes to knowing how to improve the sound and for this it is necessary to go to playback settings in Spotify in order to find "Equalizer", this option has to look for the configuration of the audio frequency in relation to different types of music, in this sense, it is possible to carry out some manual configuration for which it is necessary:


  •  Touch and drag the white dots in order to alter the audio at that frequency.
  • We can choose between several readjustments if we consider it necessary and this usually includes Electronic, Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, and more.
  • There is the possibility of changing the settings while we are playing in order to hear the differences between one song and another.
  • It is possible to take a look at the options presented to us within the playback settings in order to improve the audio and make Spotify louder.


 Activate Crossfade: this is another interesting option because it allows us to activate or deactivate the playback without pauses, because with this we avoid having any space of silence between the songs, because as soon as one ends the other will start, for this it is enough to activate the function Automix, because in this sense, knowing how to improve the sound allows us to enjoy some amount of music without interruption.

Choose to play feedback sounds: this is an option that we can keep activated or deactivated, as this can be done according to the type of music we consider listening to, or the way we see fit to hear it, since feedback sounds are a detail to our convenience to Spotify that you can turn on any song.

Take a look at the quality of the music: knowing How to improve the sound allows us to have the possibility of changing the quality of the music either when it is downloaded or when it is being transmitted, we can take a look and choose between:


  •  Automatic
  • Come down.
  • Normal.
  • High.
  • Very high.


Now that you know how to improve the sound you can make some modifications and thus continue enjoying Spotify with all the peace of mind.

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