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Ambar Jimenez
2020-09-01 18:33:53

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Our adventure in Spiritfarer continues to give work to do and this allows us to teach Where to find silica dust

What is Silice powder in Spiritfarer?

This is a very interesting and extremely valuable resource that we need to get in this game, because actually getting it can be somewhat complicated, however, and even if it is quite rare, it is vital to get it since it is usually very useful in the construction of some buildings like this as some improvements that are really necessary to continue the story, because this powder usually serves to make improvements in the ship where we transport the spirits, it usually presents some variation according to the place where we are, however, in the same way it is necessary to tell with the.
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Where to find silica dust in Spiritfarer?

To get this powder it is first necessary to have some implements, and it is the crusher, for this it is necessary to obtain these resources:

Get the level of our ship at Expert and for this it is necessary to get 10 wool fabrics plus 10 iron ingots.

Get the crusher that requires 7 ingots of pressing plus 15 planks of ash and 5 ingots of zinc.

Once we have all this and we have managed to manufacture the crusher, it is time to get the silica powder for this it is necessary to press the Square button on PS, X on Xbox One or Y on NS, after that it is only necessary to select a quartz fragment to crush it and this is done just by pressing the button above, we just wait a few moments and that's it.

Now that you know where to find silica dust, it's time to try it and continue our journey in Spiritfarer.

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