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Today we bring you a Spelunky 2 guide where we will explain how to get a shotgun.

What to know about a shotgun in Spelunky 2?

In our progress in this game, it may be key that we have a shotgun, since it will mean success when facing many enemies, it is something simple and we will have different options to achieve it, but it is important to take into account some details, as well that to know how to get a shotgun, it is necessary that we pay attention to the following content.

How to get a shotgun in Spelunky 2?

Killing a merchant will become the most viable option to get it, this is because everyone is armed with the purpose of defending themselves and their stores, they will have the advantage when shooting, since they half detect a situation hostile begin to defend, which will lead us to be very precise in our action when facing them, it is indicated that in the direction of these we throw bombs, so that they are stunned for an instant until the explosion is complete, in this way they will end up dead and from the corpses it is possible to take the shotgun, certainly we are going to be harmed in what has to do with the stores, from now on the relationship with them is very complicated, they will go for us with the purpose of giving us and they will not stop until they achieve it .
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    Now if we want a safer option, it is to buy it in a weapons store, with a cost of about $ 15,000 or more, we have here the safest option to add it to our collection, if we kill someone and look for future consequences that affect our progress, there is a possibility that the available shotgun is not in the store, so it will be necessary to look for it in a drop of gifts or in the boxes of objects, taking into account that it is something random, but It is still a more viable option, for gifts we will have to pay about $ 8000 when offering these in stores.

    Finally, now that we know how to get a shotgun we can move on in Spelunky 2.

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