2020-05-11 11:50:39

Quick guide on How to get to Yar 87 in the game SnowRunner

In this SnowRunner Cars game presents a variety of vehicles that you use in the game to cross the dangerous environment. It's you against the elements and you want to use the best equipment and transportation you have available.

Now with the new updates available the car you can go by now is the Yar 87.

How to get to the Yar 87 in SnowRunner?

You can find the hidden update for this vehicle in Taymyr, Russia. It is in the Zimnegorsk region, making it easy to locate. You can find this in the north of the factory and at the delivery of the oil field, right in the middle of the map.

Redditor LegaRoSS was able to narrow down the exact location of this update. It is normally hidden in the Russian area of ​​the map. It is necessary to go off-road to obtain this item, and can proceed from the north or the south. Anyway, this job shouldn't be much work finding it.
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