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With the presence of some errors, the answers on How to fix the Sims 4 Script Call Failed error and this guide are adequate.

Why does the Sims 4 Script Call Failed error occur?

  It is presented by the existence of a damaged game file, which is caused by a mod or system configuration, for those of us who are in this situation we can find enough answers to solve it in the content of this guide, let's see what's at the respect below.

How to fix Sims 4 Script Call Failed error?

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We start with updating the mods that we have of the game, considering that these files can be corrupted by not having the most recent version, for this it is appropriate to make a backup of our saved files, with such an action if this is annoying we can help ourselves with a application to do it automatically, we can also apply a repair that can be executed to the game through the Origins store, which will take us through the game library to right click on the game with what is accessed to repair as an option.

 Having the end of the load we will go on to enable the custom content and mods, which includes the modifications of scripts allowed through the options menu, being required to close the game and open it again in case of having mods in the game, with this we will have solved this problem.

 With the above mentioned tips on How to fix Sims 4 Script Call Failed error we might have a way to get back to our fun.

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