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The action in Ship of Fools does not stop, which will lead us to tell you how to unlock all the characters in Ship of Fools.

What to know about the characters in Ship of Fools?

There are a total of 10 characters that we can unlock in the game, our start is with Todd and Hink, playing with them in cooperative mode, each of them has their own trinket, an aesthetic as a different characteristic of each character that They do it differently, looking to know How to unlock all the characters in Ship of Fools Let's take into account the following content, let's see.

How to unlock all characters in Ship of Fools?

Each character has its own way of unlocking, it can be complex to achieve it and to have access to them we will see the details of each one along with their trinket and they are the following:
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    • Tood: From the beginning we have it, it has Humble Hood that deals with an improved paddle attack combo and with speed.
    • Hink: from the beginning of the game it will be available, it has Scar of Past Glory – Splash DMG and with effects on critical hits.
    • Finley: you have to recycle a table on the stage after defeating Tentacles, Shadow of the Undergrowth, it has a Handy Hat that allows you to obtain a repair reward randomly.
    • Gill: you have to hit the barrels and boxes on the islands in a race, we will find tendrils, it has Trusty Bandana that accesses a harpoon with its blows.
    • Shelbie: you have to complete an encounter without firing the cannons, she has as a trinket the calming shell that allows the increase in the firing speed, DMG of the projectiles and the speed of the cannons.
    • Lotte: we have to complete a section completely, such as The Forgotten Waters or The High Seas, without causing us any damage, it has a cozy scarf as a trinket that consists of regenerating the ammunition over time from the cannons that we load in the confrontations.
    • Krillstoph: you have to visit a shark alter, being necessary to go to the symbol that looks like a fork in the road with a couple of arrows that go in opposite directions, the trinket of this is the classy bow tie, this leads us to perform a short paddle attack combo loaded with punches.
    • Quill: you have to defeat the eye of the storm, with this you have a stained headband that increases the DMG in consecutive projectile hits.
    • Betty: you have to knock her down or stun her 50 times, she comes with this tight Scrunchie that enters us in Rage mode when hitting or stunning.
    • Cluck: after we have shot all types of egg ammunition, it was unlocked, it brings the Bird Hat that lays eggs in combat.

    In this way we finish our guide, now you know how to unlock all the characters in Ship of Fools, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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