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Find out how to unlock Intel in this excellent and explanatory guide from Shining Nikki.

What to know about Shining Nikki?


 We find ourselves with a game that offers us many new features, which requires a lot of work in order to progress and unlock new pieces, one of this is the Intel, which has caused many doubts that are related to it, then to understand How to unlock Intel is necessary to consider the content that this guide will offer us below, let's see it.


How to unlock Intel in Shining Nikki?

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It is required to have progressed in the mode in story mode up to story 2-3, after that we have access to the designer's intelligence center, having then with this the unlocking of new columns for the designer and some rewards, it is important to note that in the case of unlocking a new designer column for the fact of investigating a designer with the designer intelligence center, managing to get our clues and intelligence points to use them in unlocking a new column then.


 The intelligence points we can get them by doing the investigations, this in the designer intelligence center, here are presented a total of 10 investigations per day, then do them is the ideal so that they are not lost, the rewards for it are gold, time poetry, memory keys and much more.


We can conclude that knowing how to unlock Intel is easier than you think, you just have to follow the instructions to achieve it in Shining Nikki.

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