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Shenmue 3: How to Get Herb Map - tips and tricks

2019-11-20 10:09:54

The content presented in the following guide is intended to explain how to get herb map in Shenmue 3.

In this opportunity we will travel through the rural Chinese village of Bailu, looking for the murderer of Ryo Hazaku's father in Shenmue 3, the money will have an important role so that we have access to the skills books, collecting herbs will help us to this, It may not be so easy, but with this guide we will know how to get herb map and thus facilitate things.

Why should we get herb map in Shenmue 3?

The biggest advantage that we have this map is that it will help us get money, since it is complicated, but selling the herbal games will be one of the options, or also cutting firewood in the Tao store. the herbs are scattered throughout the game, we will notice when we are exploring, an orange circle will be indicative of one's location, so having the map of herbs will be of great importance, we will talk about this continuation.

How to get herb map in Shenmue 3?

We must go to the village of Bailu, here we must go to Tao's Shop, next to the Verdant village we will find this place, at the entrance there will be a podium with some maps when looking to the right of the door, by keeping the L2 pressed we will zoom in, then we will press the X to grab the maps, there are two, once we have them, to use them we will press R1 to access our inventory and we will choose them, we will see the map where each red dot will be the mark for the location of a grass .

After we have found several herbs, we will have two ways to use them, sell them in the tao store to get money, the other possibility is to make an exchange of skills books, we can get new skills books if we get to have the collection ideal of the games of herbs, with this we would gain new movements for the combats that will be powerful, so that we know what herbs we will need for this, we will look for in the exchange option.

With this we finish the explanatory guide, which based its content on How to get herb map in Shenmue 3, without more to say we hope this guide is helpful.

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