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Those who want to know how to upgrade weapons in Second Extinction, have to read our next article because it has it all for you.

What is Second Extinction about?

The title belongs to the cooperative shooting video game for 3 players, in which the main task is to destroy the mutant dinosaurs that have taken over the planet. For this you will have to make use of weapons that you will have to update to get the best performance from them.

How to upgrade weapons in Second Extinction?

In andes of trying anything, you have to play at least one mission in the game (does not count the tutorial). During the game of the mission you will have to be attentive to the objects that fall from the dinosaurs that you eliminate. You simply have to go over them to collect what they drop. When you return to the main menu you will find an indication that you can upgrade your weapons.
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To upgrade a weapon you will have to go to the Armory> access Weapons> select the weapon to see a table where you can buy upgrade tokens at the top. You will have to pay using research points so that your weapon can have up to ten at the same time, so you can select the upgrades you want on your weapon.

When you have the necessary upgrade tokens you will have to choose an upgrade category and unlock the slot where you will place the tokens, using the research points.

You must bear in mind that as you progress, the price per update will increase, but you can use the items looted from dinosaurs than in updates.

That's all you need to know about how to upgrade weapons in Second Extinction, so now that you have it clear, we hope you manage to upgrade your weapons quickly to get the most out of it.

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