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Lidia Rozo
2021-02-05 04:34:17

More about: Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves continues to occupy us, and therefore it is necessary to tell you where to find Ashen guardians

What are Ashen Guardians in Sea of Thieves?

As we enter this game, more activities arise and knowing where to find ashy guardians simply makes us get a more notable type of skeletons compared to the rest of these, in addition to locating these guards allows us to opt for certain interesting elements that these have enemies and are:


  •   Accessing the skull allows us to choose a loot.
  • Getting the ashen guardians and taking them down allows us to access keys to chests.
  • There is a possibility that the skeletons can drop some quests.

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Where to find Ashen Guardians in Sea of Thieves?

It should be noted that these guardians will seek to attack us, as they usually get up from the ground, they are also accompanied by some number of allies, which makes us have to find a way to defeat them from a considerable distance, for this it is necessary to mobilize the ship and proceed to shoot them. with the cannon, because this makes it a simple task and that in some way this can give us rewards, because at the end of everything, we use few bullets and we will get a loot that we can take, these usually appear regularly, however, Knowing where to find ashen guardians leads us to understand that they may appear in another more aggressive alph wave that is lodged in the fort where the risks will be considerable, and we must fight enough to win.

Fight and survive with our main options in Sea of Thieves, for this we must be equipped not only with weapons and bullets, but it is possible to have some friends who can help us in this task, because being a somewhat lasting battle, it will be necessary to regain strength and eat a little, because while this is happening our friends will help us with the skeletons, which can be obtained in this way:


  •  C6 at the Quilla fort.
  • E4 in the fortress of the sailor's knot.
  • H17 in the gold fort.
  • I8 in the keep of spring.
  • L6 at the kraken watchtower.
  • L14 in the fort of the damned.
  • O18 in the fortress of the crow's nest.
  • P5 at shark fin camp.
  • P9 in the skull tower.
  • Z12 in the fortress of molten sands.


 It is necessary to consider some relevant details in relation to the ashen guardians and they are:

  •  These guardians often carry a sword as a melee weapon.
  • There is a possibility that these guardians have a flint key.
  • The amount of health of these Ashen Guardians is 500.
  • They may be able to heal while fighting, as they eat during fighting.
  • When we manage to defeat the ashen guardians they will reward us with a skull or a mission that can lead us to a chest.


In this sense, knowing where to find Ashen guardians allows us to face some interesting enemies in Sea of Thieves and also have the possibility of doing it as a team.

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