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Today we bring a Roller Champions guide where we will tell you how to score.

What does it mean to score fast in Roller Champions?

  Having the opportunity to be one step ahead in this free sports game, so knowing how to score is a necessary task because there is a lot of competition that is interested in beating us.

How to score in Roller Champions?

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It is necessary to take into account that there are two teams of three that compete with each other with the goal of being the first, the objective of this game is to score the amount of 5 points by throwing the ball into the goal in a time of 7 minutes.

In the event of being tied, Sudden Death mode is usually activated and in a period of 3 minutes, whoever scores a goal usually wins.

The games usually take place in inclined arenas so that a team can score it is necessary to complete at least one lap around the arena without losing the position of the ball, obviously the opposing team will try to abide by the ball carrier in order to recover it.

It is possible to risk our progress by completing several laps before shooting, we can make close laps and for this it is possible to pass the ball to our teammates.

The laps usually have these points:


  •  One lap: one point
  • Two laps: three points
  • Three laps: five points.


 By managing to complete the amount of 3 consecutive laps around the arena without seeing ourselves in the need to give up the ball, it allows us to have the opportunity of a successful shot and therefore be able to win the game, in this sense, to be able to execute the shot we will see Since the goal is usually located on a wall and appears as a hoop that is placed vertically, it is only necessary to apply the mechanics that seem best to us and that's it.

 Now that you know how to score, it's time to try it and get many goals in Roller Champions.

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