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Today we bring a Rocket League guide where we will tell you How to fix Sideswipe Login Not Working.

What is Sideswipe Login Not Working in Rocket League?

  This is an inconvenience with which we get in this game and that is usually being given to a considerable number of players or at least there have been quite a few who have reported it, in this sense, it is necessary to apply a solution that allows you to enjoy the game again. I play normally, fortunately there is an answer and in this guide on How to fix Sideswipe Login Not Working we bring some actions that you can apply to get rid of this problem.

How to fix Sideswipe Login Not Working on Rocket League?

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We must bear in mind that bugs tend to occur regularly in new bugs and this does not have to alert us, however, there are some players who may be frustrated because it is not possible to log in and access the game, in this sense, we must apply :

 Clear the game cache: this is an applicable solution and for this you will only have to go to App Settings and then to App Information and then proceed to select Storage and finally Delete data.

 Choose to clear the browser's cache and Cookies: this is another solution that could well be favorable, for this we must:


  •  Go to Browser Settings and locate the Privacy Menu.
  • Then we proceed to erase the browsing data by selecting Cookies, Site data and Files and images.
  • Once this has been done, we are allowed to launch Rocket League one more time and that's it.


 Choose to uninstall and reinstall: this is a last solution to solve this error, in this case we must take care of going to Google Play Store and proceed to search for the game, it is necessary to click Uninstall and when uninstalled we reinstall it completely , this can be done by downloading it completely.

 We conclude this guide on How to fix Sideswipe Login Not Working, so we hope that these solutions described here can serve you and thus continue to enjoy Rocket League.

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