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2021-12-10 08:27:47

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This time we come back with a Rocket League guide with the aim of explaining how to fix the Sideswipe driver not working.

What to know about Rocket League?

With the availability after the launch of this game, we have that for iPhone and Android it is very interesting, considering that there is compatibility with the controls, it is possible to use them if the use of the touch screen does not like, but in recent reports it seems that there is a problem with the controller, then it is necessary that we know how to fix it and for this we only have to orient ourselves with the following content, let's see.

How to fix Sideswipe driver not working on Rocket League?

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We can have the following possible solutions:

  • Compatibility of the control we use: it is important to note that the PlayStation and Xbox controllers work with this game, in the same way it happens with those with Bluetooth, it is important that we are sure that our device connects with our mobile, in otherwise correct operation is not possible.
  • Game settings: there is a customization menu for the controller, which allows us to have a perfect synchronization, but we do not have an option to activate and deactivate the use of the controls, so it is not possible to reestablish the connection.

In case of not reaching anything with the aforementioned, the problem goes further, there are reports that the Xbox and PS4 controls do not work with the game, it is possible that the situation occurs is with the game, then with the passage of time it is This may be solved, so keeping an eye on the game's Twitter is ideal to learn more about this bug and see that the solution to it is reported, possibly through an update.

Obviously, knowing how to fix the Sideswipe controller not working turns out to be of great help to our fun at Rocket League.

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