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Our guide to Roblox today lets us leave you the 2020 Jailbreak codes

What is Jailbreak on Roblox?


  This is a game of policemen and thieves that we get specifically within Roblox, it is our task to locate ourselves in a particular side, either on the side of the police, that is, within the framework of the law or simply on the side of the thieves, here it is It is possible to get some amount of money that we can invest in weapons or vehicles, but to do so it is necessary to guide ourselves through some codes that can allow us to unlock some elements.
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    What are the 2020 Jailbreak Codes in Roblox?

     Before moving on to the topic itself, it is important to know that these codes can be redeemed in various places and thereby receive a reward, then we leave the places where it is possible to carry out said exchange:

    •  Gas stations.
    • Bank.
    • Police station.
    • Train station.


     We do not get active codes for the moment in Jailbreak all the ones that we mention below are expired, that is, they do not work and are the following:


    •  Minimustang: code 10,000 in cash.
    • 5Days: code to be exchanged for 7,500 in cash.
    • Onehour: code to be exchanged for 25,000 in cash.
    • Feb2020: to exchange it for 10,000 in cash.
    • Countdown: to redeem it for 5,000 in cash.
    • Stayhealty - to be exchanged for 5,000 cash.


     These are all the Jailbreak 2020 codes that we can get in Roblox only that it is necessary to consider that generally these tend to expire very quickly.

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