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In the Risk of Rain 2 universe we have many tasks, one of them is where to find Mithrix.

What to know about Mithrix in Risk of Rain 2?

  It is the boss that we must face at the end of the game, only that we must find him first, the primordial Teleporter will help us to reach the moon, which turns out to be an arena as a place of confrontation, but it is ideal that we know where to find to Mithrix and for that we follow the content of this guide, let's see.
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    Where to find Mithrix in Risk of Rain 2?

    It is necessary that we progress in Risk of Rain 2 until we reach the primordial teleporter, even going through the different confrontations against monsters, the difference of this teleporter with the normal ones is that it will have huge teeth around it, so where to find Mithrix this will be Our first of the steps to consider, which will be seen once we walk each minimum stage sometime, we will see it randomly in the level, what we can do first once we find it is to interact with the teeth, which we It will deviate to a different normal level and not towards the confrontation with Mithrix, of course this depends on our own criteria, if we decide to use it we have to enter the combat against the boss and a countdown will be presented, now if we manage to get out alive we will reach a new place in Risk of Rain 2, where there will be clashes with new enemies, as we head towards the arena, regardless of some obstacles. We will be able to get to know where to find Mithrix.

    The next thing we have to do is find the area where the 4 pillars are to load them, in the process going through some battles with the monsters, which come to appear randomly, it is important then that in each progress we find them, once With the pillars loaded, we must go to the center of the level near the large tower, noticing that there are some rays of sun, what we will do is enter the platform to figure out where to find Mithrix and face him.

    Now that it is resolved where to find Mithrix in Risk of Rain 2 2 we are going to have to face them in a series of stages, where the first one will use a hammer against us towards our head, we must distance ourselves or distract him, we will have the support of the Turrets of the engineers and also the other characters, because once he uses his hammer he will be stopped, managing to get the necessary space to move, our purpose in Risk of Rain 2 is to make his health bar fall until he is forced to return to the center of the arena, which will put us in the second stage of the combat, here some enemies will be presented, where some will be flying, we must bear in mind that the combination of their shots can cause us great damage, then those who are on the ground are our objective because those who are flying will be far out of our reach almost always and do not represent major threats, once we reach the third stage our The target finally is the boss again, which causes some explosions of energy that can finish us, so avoiding it is necessary for its own sake.

    We will see in the center of the arena our final objective, which will take away our objects, which makes us count on our powers, which turns us into nothingness as beginners, what we will do is attack it, because as long as we take away health we will To recover the objects that he took from us, by recovering them we will have a greater chance of defeating it, at some point the balance will tip in our favor, which allows us to finally defeat it, then we must return to the ship with a certain time limit for it, we will run away to arrive and leave the area managing to complete the game in this way.

     In this way we have reached the end of our Risk of Rain 2 guide, now you know where to find Mithrix to face him finish the game.

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