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Guide to how to obtain artifacts in the game Risk of rain 2

This popular game since its inception has maintained its curious artifact mechanics. Artifacts are game modifiers, like the skulls in the Halo series.

but now with the arrival of Risk of Rain 2 the mechanics of these artifacts have changed slightly, an example of this is the fact that the player only has 10 percent health but deals 500 percent damage or an artifact in which you can choose your items instead of them being a random drop.

It differs from the first implementation game of the same artifacts plus one of the new models that we find as it progresses, but they do not always tell you how to obtain them and that is why we teach you how to obtain artifacts.

How to obtain artifacts in Risk of rain 2?


We will tell you about the game codes, but first you should know that the only place where you can start to unlock an artifact is the Sky Meadow map, a map that has reappeared since the first game. This place would come being the 5 map in a cycle.

To advance you must look for a hole in the corner of the map and open it, then follow the path to a giant machine. Unless you get the alternate variant of the map, in which case you must leave the map side in the artifact machine.

This is where the code comes into prominence because to open the machine you need one of them and these codes are scattered throughout the game and some require quick thinking. Interestingly, Hopoo Games has put a code right next to the machine.

There are four general symbols in the game: cubes, circles, triangles, and diamonds. The code diagram will always be a top-down view.
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    Hit the ones in the slots on the right and activate the machine using the computer just behind the camera in the screenshot. In this case, the code is squares that surround a triangle, but you must be careful because if you enter an incorrect code you can be penalized.

    When you enter the code, take the portal to a mysterious platform with an orb in the middle. In this field, the effects of the artifact you are unlocking will be applied, but only in this location.

    In this case with the Honor artifact, all enemies in the arena are now elite enemies and have effects on their status.

    You have to be on the lookout because enemies on death, some drop special keys and only the keys can damage the boss in the middle. Pick up a key and go running with the boss in the center. Repeat until the boss is dead. Be sure to run over to where the boss was and pick up his artifact before leaving.

    After this the artifact will now be unlocked and ready to use in your next game.

    How to obtain artifacts in the game Risk of rain 2 is not something so complex since just be aware of the details to avoid making a mistake, everything else is relatively easy.

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