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RimWorld offers us interesting tasks, let's see How to trade in RimWorld

Why trade in RinWorld?

  This is an activity that is usually very necessary, especially considering that this is a simulation game, so today it is important to talk to you about How to trade in RimWorld considering that we have the ability to buy some things that we need and sell things we don't want or don't use.

How to trade on RimWorld?

  To practice trading it is necessary to have:
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    • The Orbital trading beacon that costs 60 steel.
    • A power supply.
    • A communications console that is worth 120 steel.
    • Have a quantity of steel to manufacture structures.


     Now that we have the necessary resources we can trade and for this we must place the orbital trade beacon and connect it to the power source, then we keep the items in the radius of the beacon so that they can be available for trade, we proceed to place the communications console and connect it to the power supply, on the right side of the screen we must click on the blue letter icon in order to see the commercial requests.

    The next tasks to execute are click on the character and then right click on the communications console, here we can use a character that has social skills to get the best price while trading, we right click on the console where we will count With the option to call all the merchants that may be available to operate with us, we just have to wait for the character to go to the communications console and interact so that it opens the screen where we can see the options that are available to operate, which which makes it necessary to drag the item in the column to the left in order to buy the item and to the right to sell it, when completed we must click on the Accept button and the trade begins, we will see the things that we have sold disappear and near the beacon the things we have bought, among which may be:


    •  Means
    • drugs
    • Gear
    • Furniture
    • Animals
    • Food
    • prisoners or slaves
    • Artworks.


     Now that you know how to trade in RimWorld you can embark on this interesting task, try it.

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