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Delve into the universe of RimWorld because today we will tell you how to make Herbal Medicine in RimWorld.

What to know about Herbal Medicine in RimWorld?

  While we progress in the game, we will depend on a significant demand for medicines, among which is that of medicinal herbs, one of which has different levels of power when it comes to healing, which also potentially help the medicines that are manufactured in the laboratory, to have details of How to make Herbal Medicine in RimWorld let's see the following content.

How to make Herbal Medicine in RimWorld?

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    This type of recipe is the one with the greatest weakness of the 3 available to heal wounds, its refrigeration being necessary or it will lose its effect, the state of these is 60 percent at this moment, to make them you have to make one of our settlers reach the growth level 8, that a growing area with walls and away from animals is established, we must get a plant called Healroot, known in previous versions of the game by Xerigium, then we have to plant them in stable growing areas and wait for grow, then with the help of a settler they will be cut for harvest, automatically we will see it converted into a medicinal herb, which will serve us to treat the settlers or as an ingredient.

      We hope that the information detailed here on How to make Herbal Medicine in RimWorld has been very useful for your fun and progress.

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