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Today, we bring a guide to explain how to get rid of corpses in RimWorld

What is the point of getting rid of corpses in RimWorld?

Simply, having the ability to get rid of all the enemies that we have eliminated while we are protecting ourselves from the assailants, this usually occurs while we are planning the escape to build a civilization in a plane that we need to protect and advance, so it is necessary to know How to get rid of the corpses in RimWorld, this because it is vital to avoid leaving traces while we move, even when we are stranded on the generated planet due to some procedures, it does not necessarily mean that we should stay here doing nothing, on the contrary, we will have in motion the plan to build a ship even though this involves generating a series of corpses.

How to get rid of corpses in RimWorld?

There are profitable and unprofitable ways to do it, what if we can't do is skip the corpses because this usually affects the soldiers of our colony.
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    To get rid of the corpses, we must consider:

    Unprofitable way.

    • Burn corpses using a crematorium.
    • Bury corpses in graves.
    • Gather the corpses in a large stone structure with a flammable door and throw Molotov cocktails at them.
    There are other ways to reach the objective, and knowing how to get rid of the corpses in RimWorld involves running:

    Profitable ways.

    • Create a double-walled structure to throw the corpses inside and then build two automatic doors that are flammable, one splits the structure and the other leads us to the base, when we get the assailants to reach our base we will let them enter the room of corpses, and we will throw Molotov cocktails eliminating corpses and assailants who are inside.
    • Build a structure similar to a labyrinth and place Spike traps inside it, this allows you to slow down the assailants, as well as counterattack any Mechaniode that may enter.
    • Make use of corpses to feed the carnivorous animals that we may have.
    • Placing fresh corpses in capsules and sending them to other factions to get a boost in the relationship, sometimes we will get silver.

    In this sense, knowing how to get rid of corpses in RimWorld offers us the opportunity to apply the mechanics that can best favor us.

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