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Delve into the RimWorld universe because today we will tell you how to get settlers in RimWorld.

What to know about Colonists in RimWorld?

  The construction of a colony from scratch is necessary while we are progressing in the final purpose of building a spaceship, the prosperity of a colony will depend on the colonists, which is why questions arise as to how to get colonists in RimWorld and to have the details of importance in this regard we must focus our attention on the content that this guide will present to us next, let's see.

How to get Colonists in RimWorld?

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    We start with the use of the scenario editor once we find ourselves in the new game, in this mode we have to change the number of initial people, it is not an option, but it will help us, the next thing is to buy the settlers that will be very useful, we can persuade the prisoners to become colonists, this requires interaction with them, the guard must also do the same for them to be converted.

      We also have the possibility of persuading lost travelers and wanderers for the same purpose to be settlers, we can tame a wild person through a skillful trainer, adding more settlers in this way, as a reward it is another important option when completing the missions of the game.

      This is how we end our guide on How to get Colonists in RimWorld, hoping that you can get the most out of this interesting and busy game.

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