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We invite you to discover How to unlock Act 3, a new task in Returnal.

What to know about Returnal?

There are many secrets that are hidden in each of the biomes of the game, so you have to search with great effort to get to the hidden, we will see some credits that make you think that we have finished, but after this you will be able to find something hidden in each part of the game, so to have an idea of how to unlock act 3 it is necessary that we focus on the details that the content of this guide brings us, so let's move on.
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    How to unlock act 3 in Returnal?

    In relation to How to unlock Act 3, a series of steps have to be considered and these are the following:


    •  Complete the 5 existing sequences of the house: in the first and fourth biome, that of the ruins of the weed and that of the ruins of the echo we will find them in Returnal, for this there are 3 in the first and 2 in the second biome .
    • Defeat the final boss of act 2: you have to completely complete act 2, which closes with the confrontation with boss Ophion, then we have to jump into the hole to see a scene from the end, which brings us to act 3.
    • The 6 fragments of Sunface: we will find these distributed in one for each biome, being necessary to solve How to unlock act 3, they are objects for each cycle, by defeating the final boss it is possible to explore each biome to find these fragments, noted by a quarter-sun sign, taking into account that they appear randomly, then there is no precise location so the biomes must be explored.
    • Return to the house: it is necessary for this step to return to the house in the echo ruins, passing through the final scene that allows us to access a key from act 3, highlighting that the previous step must be completed in its entirety, achieving the Unlocking the final scene of the house to add the car keys to our inventory in Returnal.
    • Defeat the final boss again: having the steps completed up to here, it is necessary to face Orphion again in the abyss, after we beat him and enter the gap it is possible to unlock the car that is displayed in the final scene, which will allow then access different scenes from another ending, which will turn out to be act 3.

     It is clear that knowing how to unlock act 3 allows us to have a better conclusion in this interesting and moved Returnal.

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