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The action in Returnal does not stop, so we come to explain how to get more underwater items.

What to know about the underwater articles in Returnal?

  Survival throughout this game depends on many factors, one of them are these types of objects that can help us in some cases to improve our costume so that when we die we do not lose what we have obtained for the beginning of a new cycle. only that access to this is sometimes very complicated, to help us continue through the story we have to find the underwater objects adding to the other obstacles, then to be aware of how to get more underwater items let's see the content of this guide and details about it below.

How to get more underwater items in Returnal?

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    To be able to find these types of objects that are found under the water we are going to require the Xenotecnico device hadal ballasts, it is an improvement that we access when we reach the end of biome 5 of the game, it is about the fractured wastelands, when we are here we can access To this, only 3 Hadal keys are needed, then inside we find what is necessary to go underwater, the hadal ballasts, we must take into account the importance of these objects to enter the water and progress in the game at the same time Accessing the final biome, the abyssal scar, however it is vitally important to also carry with us the atropian key that allows access to the path that is blocked, where the Promethean isolators are, it is then possible with these objects to even return to the biomes above to access these underwater items that can be of great help even for the unlocking of the secret ending

     Finally, now that we know how to get more underwater items we can continue to progress in Returnal.

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