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With our PUBG guide you will learn more about How to fix voice chat not working.

What to know about voice chat not working in PUBG?

 This is an error that occurs for those of us who play on Xbox and PC, despite the fact that the developers solved the error, there are still many of us who go through the same situation are some changes, so the error may be related to our connection or our device, certainly has no idea what causes this problem in PUBG, which makes it necessary to search How to fix voice chat not working, highlighting that being in squad or duo modes is when it is mainly presented, the no Having installed the recent patch may be the reason, that the server is saturated or there is a large influx of players and the loss of packages due to the existence of a disconnection, so to find the answers we will see in this guide How to fix voice chat not it works, you just have to pay attention to the following content.

How to fix voice chat not working on PUBG?

A series of solutions are presented as to How to fix voice chat not working in PUBG and these are as follows:
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Change DNS: in some specific cases this may be the solution in PUBG, what we will do is a change of our DNS for free ones from Google being the case for the Xbox One and the PC, then we will do the following:


  •  On Xbox One: we press the guide button to choose the network, network setting and advanced settings in all the settings, we get to the DNS to do it manually, we put the Google DNS and in the primary and secondary fields , then we will do a reboot of the console.
  • In PC: we press Windows I to access the configuration, we choose the network and the internet to enter to change adapter options, we choose the network and with the right button we enter properties, aqyi we look for the internet protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4) To enter its properties, we use Google's addresses in the DNS and, we give it in accept, and we go on to see if the problem has been solved.


 VPN: when a specific server is going through high traffic, some lag occurs, but as for how to fix the voice chat does not work, a VPN can be of help, then we can use it or if we use it and go through the error must be deactivated to try again.

Change of internet connection: a change of network can become effective to return to normality in PUBG, so if we use Wi.Fi what we will do is change to cable or through mobile.

Update the game: if you are using an old version, this type of problem may occur, so if we look for a solution on How to fix voice chat does not work, you can help us update to the latest version, because the patches released by the developers They aim to make some corrections while adding features as well, the developers reported the correction of this error, so it is appropriate to check for the existence of a new patch released.

The microphone on: it is possible that the microphone is off, and we have not noticed it for it when we are on the PC we must go to the Windows configuration by pressing Windows I, we give it privacy to look for the microphone on the panel that you see at On the left, we enter change so that it is activated, we start and see if PUBG has worked correctly now.

Audio driver update: regarding How to fix voice chat does not work, it is important that our audio driver is up to date, we must take into account the frequent and automatic updates of these, but manual use is also possible with respect to the manufacturer of our device that we have, then what we will do is go to the device administrator, we right-click the device to choose the option to update the driver, we follow a series of instructions that are seen on the screen to perform installation.

The sound in Windows: to solve the problem of PUBG what we will do is click with the right button of the mouse on the volume icon to solve sound problems, noting that the system takes care of seeing if there is a problem, just It remains to follow the instructions that appear on the screen to solve How to fix voice chat not working.

Check the audio settings: there is the possibility that it is necessary to make a change in the game's audio settings, for this we open it to go to the sound settings, it is important that all the settings are at 100, that the game mode voice chat is established in Pust To Talk and voice channel in All, we click on apply and play to see if the problem has been solved.

The Steam audio configuration: as for How to fix the voice chat does not work for the Steam client, what we will do is open the client and enter this for the configuration, voice in the game, it is important that our device is found In the list, if it is not there, you have to change the device and configure it, being necessary that the microphone volume is at maximum and the reception volume as well, we click ok to try to see if the problem has been corrected at PUBG.

Modification of the game files: the PUBG files may not have the correct configuration, which may be the cause of the existing error, so to solve it it is important to modify the game files, for this we write percentappdatapercent in the search tab of Windows, we choose the folder percentappdatapercent, and we give it in AppData, we will go to local, TslGame, Saved, Config and WindowsNoEditor, we must open the GameUserSettings.ini file in the notepad to make sure that the values ​​are correct IsVoiceInputMute = False , IsVoiceOutputMute = False, VoiceInputVolume = 100, VoiceOutputVolume = 100 and being the same we save the file, do a restart and try to play to see what happens.

Game repair: regarding How to fix voice chat does not work, we have the option of a button that can repair the game, this is possible for minor problems that may arise, something very useful, so we restart the PC, and we open the game, we notice on the screen the option to repair, we just have to enter it.

 This is all there is to know about How to fix voice chat not working, you just have to apply the possible solutions presented here and wait to return to normal in PUBG.

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