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We continue talking about bugs in PUBG Mobile which allows us to tell you how to correct error code 1 in iOS and Android.

What does it mean to fix error 1 on iOS and Android in PUBG Mobile?


 This game has been out for a long time and has achieved some favorable number of users, so knowing how to correct error code 1 in iOS and Android leads us to understand that this can occur when we download the maps in the game, which makes it impossible to play normally and regularly.

How to fix error code 1 on iOS and Android in PUBG Mobile?

 Here is the solution for iOS:

 The options are actually usually few, however it is possible to have some solutions and they are:


  •  Check that the software is up to date, if not, review an update and apply it.
  • Clear the game cache for which it is only necessary to access the settings menu.
  • Take care of downloading the maps from a server other than the local one, in this sense a VPN can be used.

Here is the solution for Android:
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Fortunately, knowing how to correct error code 1 in iOS and Android offers us the possibility to offer us options to continue enjoying PUBG Mobile, however, Android has more alternatives and for this it is necessary:


  •  Go to programs in order to open downloads.
  • Then we locate the maps that we want to install and proceed to copy.
  • Then we return to the application drawer.
  • We proceed to open the Android folder and enter the data folder in order to find a folder called com.teccent.ig
  • Next we choose files and then ue4game.
  • We must locate shadowtrackerextra and from there shadowtracker Extra, then go to saved and then packs.
  • Then we paste our maps in this subfolder, and we proceed to restart the game to verify that this failure does not appear again.


 There are more options to try and they are:


  •  Clear the game cache in the application settings menu, then choose to restart the Android device and launch the game once more.
  • Download and run a VPN, which involves downloading the maps from another server.
  • Put the device in safe mode to download the maps.
  • Uninstall and reinstall PUBG Mobile, with this we even get a more updated version.

 Now that you know how to correct error code 1 in iOS and Android, it is time to put these solutions into practice and thus continue playing PUBG Mobile.

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