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PUBG Mobile: How to Fix Won’t Launch Issue

2020-04-30 09:33:28

We invite you to discover how to fix won't launch issue in this PUBG Mobile explanatory guide.

In PUBG Mobile we have the option of multiplayer online game, which is available on platforms such as Microsoft, Android, iOS, Xbox One and PS4, its management has required us to have many remarkable strategies and tactics, which makes it a very valuable game, but sometimes there are drawbacks, so we have to understand how to fix won't launch issue, so in this guide we will have access to the possible solutions below.

What to know about the won't launch issue in PUBG Mobile?

Our first action must always be before we try solutions, do the most basic things, a restart of our PC, which will update our operating system and sometimes it may solve the problems that often occur on a computer, it is It is possible that there are many factors so it comes to present a problem, starting from a damaged installation and reaching the point of lost files, more details we will see how we solve the problem does not start, just pay attention to the following content.

How to fix won't launch issue in PUBG Mobile?

Verify the existence of lost files: The files that allow the operation of a computer to be always present, on some occasions it is possible that they may be missing, which can cause on many occasions that the game does not start, we have some steps to Follow that will help us in one of the possible solutions as to how to fix won't launch issue and these specific steps now.

  • We enter the Steam client and log in to our account
  • We will click on library and with the right button of the mouse it arrives at a list of options in the left panel
  • We choose properties and enter local files
  • Now click on check integrity of game files and we hope the process is complete
  • We will start the game
  • We carry out a check to see if the error is corrected

Deletion of configuration files: There is a possibility that this problem may be affected by some files found in the Packs folder related to the game, in order to know if this is the problem, it is necessary to delete the content that this folder has. , for the next steps in PUBG Mobile.

  • Find the game installation folder
  • We access Tslgame and enter Content
  • We go into packages and delete those files that start with Pakchunk.
  • We will enter Steam and start our session
  • We enter the library and with the right mouse button we locate in the list that is in the left panel
  • We go into properties and we will click where it says local files
  • Next in the option to verify integrity of the game files and wait for the process to be completed
  • We start the game
  • We check if the error was corrected.

The affinity change: The use of all the processor cores may become the reason for the present error, so it is necessary to make a change in terms of the affinity, with this we may respond to how to solve the problem. Start and for this we will do the following.

  • We will enter the task manager by clicking the right mouse button on the task bar.
  • Then click on details
  • We enter the client and we will log in
  • We enter the library and then PUBG
  • Click on play and we will see the task manager
  • When TslGame.exe appears, we will click on Establish affinity.
  • We will uncheck the box for all the processors and CPU 0 will check it
  • The game will start and see if the error is still there
  • If it is successful we will wait for us to get to the main menu and return to the task manager, then we will click on TslGame.exe in details and choose Set Affinity
  • We will review all processors once again
  • We play normal and start a game being careful not to change the affinity to the CPU again OR before we leave the game
  • We make sure by checking if it's fixed.

VC Redist C ++ Installation

  • We made the 2017 download
  • We install or replace if you already have it
  • We will download the 2015 version and install it
  • After the installations we are going to run PUBG Mobile.

In this way we finish our PUBG Mobile guide, now you know how to fix won't launch issue, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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