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We welcome you to our PS5 guide where we will talk about How to fix error CE-118878-3.

What to know about bug CE-118878-3 in PS5?

It is a complex error code that is presented to many of us, being its presence after having made an update, which is the most recent for the system, looking for answers, there are many tips to consider considering that it has not been presented for now an official solution, so to know How to solve the error CE-118878-3 it is necessary to closely follow this guide with the content that follows.

How to fix error CE-118878-3 in PS5?

Despite not being included in the list of error codes on the support pages by Sony, we do have some tips to follow regarding How to fix error CE-118878-3 in PS5, which are seen by Sony's Twitter support, these being the following:
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    Reconstruction of the database: we must restart our PS5 to enter safe mode, to do this we turn it off, hold down the power button until a couple of beeps are heard, release the button and we will be asked after a few seconds we connect our USB controller and press PS5, as for How to solve error CE-118878-3 in safe mode we will choose option 5 to delete cache and rebuild the database, which does a scan of the drive by creating a new database of all the contents of the system.

    A region check is also recommended, checking the compatibility of the content with the region that is associated with the PS5N network, in case of being from different regions there is a compatibility problem present, for many of us this does not seem to work in our PS5, being necessary to try the following regarding How to solve the error CE-118878-3:


    •  In case we see ourselves playing on an external hard drive, we must transfer it to the internal hard drive of the console, while if we are on the internal drive we will go to the external one.
    • If we do not come up with anything, contact PlayStation support for assistance, which may cause further investigation that may lead to a more precise solution.

     We hope that the information detailed here on How to fix error CE-118878-3 has been very useful to return to stability in your PS5.

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