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Find out how to fix stuck on the Welcome back to PlayStation screen in this excellent and self-explanatory guide to PS5.

What to know about PS5?

When we turn on our console we notice on our television a message that says welcome back to PlayStation and from there nothing else can be done, it is frozen instantly, so to seek to eliminate this problem it is necessary to know how to fix stuck on the screen Welcome back to PlayStation and for this we will have this guide and its content to guide us, let's see.

How to fix stuck on Welcome back to PlayStation screen in PS5?

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    • Restart the console: it is necessary that we completely remove the power from our console, which will lead us to perform the settings again before starting, for this we have to hold down the power button for at least 10 seconds until the LED flashes and turns on. turn off, we are going to remove the plug from the back of the console, after a minute we press the button to turn on the console so that the remaining power comes out, then we have to wait 20 minutes to plug everything as it was and restart the console, then of this it is important to check if the error persists.
    • Shutdown with the power cycle: as for How to fix stuck on the screen Welcome back to PlayStation we have another possible solution in case of failure with the previous one, in this it is required to make the settings prior to startup, we are going to keep the power button about 10 seconds until the LED turns off, we remove the power from the back of the console and wait 20 minutes, connect everything and see if the problem is or not.
    • Restart in safe mode: if we have not managed to get out of the problem with the previous solutions, we will use this option which consists of restarting the PS5 in safe mode, without losing any data, then we turn off the console with the front button, we keep it pressed until we hear a beep for the second time and the console will enter safe mode, we connect the DualSense control, press the PS5 on it and choose to restart the console, press X and the restart will begin in safe mode, managing to solve the problem that is displayed on the screen.


    We hope that the information detailed here on How to fix stuck on the Welcome back to PlayStation screen has been helpful in getting you back to normal with your PS5.

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