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PS5 is not without its bugs and that is why we are going to explain how to fix slow download speed.

What does slow download speed imply in PS5?

It is good to keep in mind that this problem is nothing new, even since it was launched it has been having this problem and to date this problem continues to occur, in this sense, it is necessary to know how to fix slow download speed, in order to To go into a little more detail, we must know what can cause this problem and there are many reasons why this may be occurring.

Knowing How to fix slow download speed makes it necessary to keep in mind that this is an issue that can be internet related, sometimes we have basic packages and this can have limited speeds, that is why we see the slow downloads in PS5 and therefore the files that have a good size will take a little longer than expected.

Sometimes this is usually related to connections, using Wifi can be difficult when we have the router removed from the console, or in case there is a lot of traffic on the router, this means when we may be downloading other things online.

How to fix slow download speed in PS5?

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    • Disconnecting our PS5 and reconnecting it to the network can solve this error.
    • Choosing to restart the router is another favorable option, we will only have to leave it off for about a minute and turn it on again, this allows the connection to be updated.
    • Downloading in sleep mode is another option that we can apply to know how to fix slow download speed, this is because it is possible that some online tasks that can make the download slow in PS5 can be disabled.
    • Change the connection, this is usually done in the case of using Wifi, choosing to change to a cable connection, considering that the latter usually offers us more stability.
    • Choosing to minimize network traffic is another of the actions to be carried out to know how to fix slow download speed and this implies turning off any download that may be non-essential, this is because we will be leaving the bandwidth only for the download in PS5 and this can improve the speed.
    • Changing the internet package is an action that can favor us, sometimes we have basic packages that have limited speeds and this can make the download slow, it is vital to have a package that can offer us more speed and that's it.


     We can conclude this guide on How to fix slow download speed, you just have to implement some of these solutions in PS5 and that's it, try it.

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