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The PS5 is not exempt from failures and for this reason it is necessary to tell you how to fix Internet connection.

Why can't the PS5 connect to the Internet?

There is a possibility that this could happen and it is not a very pleasant situation because we would be missing many services of interest, so knowing how to fix the Internet connection is undoubtedly a necessary action to know, there are many online services today that we cannot leave aside and that allow us to make this console a true complete tool in terms of fun and enjoyment.

We must know how to fix the Internet connection because there are some particular factors by which this problem originates and that does not allow us to get the most out of this console, this implies:


  •  Problems with the router.
  • Consoles that are usually removed from the router in the case of using Wi-Fi connections.
  • Devices that can interfere with the wireless connection.
  • defective consoles.


How to fix internet connection on PS5?

 To our good fortune there are some solutions that we can execute and they are the following:
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    • We must enter the Wi-Fi password correctly, this usually applies in the case of being the first time we connect it.
    • Choose to do a test with other devices that can connect via Wi-Fi, if these or can do so, we must contact the provider, otherwise it is the console that has a defect.
    • Execute a power cycle of the PS5, in addition to the router and once this has been done we will proceed to try to connect once again.
    • Place the PS5 not too far away from the router, walls can hinder the connection and this can make the console unable to connect.


     Knowing how to fix the Internet connection not only makes it necessary to talk about Wi-Fi connections, because in the event that this is the problem, it is favorable to use the LAN cable, in addition to taking into account that this type of connection is usually more stable.

     Another favorable option to know How to fix the Internet connection is the PlayStation Fix and Connect tool, which usually has more support, and we can even verify PlayStation Network, because there is a possibility that the error may come from our part.

     Sometimes the LAN connection may not favor us to solve this problem in PS5, there are other actions that can be tried to know how to fix the Internet connection and they are:


    •  Disconnect the PS5 from the internet and proceed to execute a complete reset of the console, once this has been done, proceed to connect the LAN cable after starting.
    • Check that the router firmware is fully up to date.


     It is vital to verify the IP address and that this is the default gateway of our LAN connection, for this we must:


    •  Connect the PC and execute the command “ipconfig”.
    • We need to add the IP4 and default gateway values ​​to the console.


     Choosing to assign a manual IP is another option to know how to fix the Internet connection and for this we must:

    Navigate to the network configuration of the PS5 and assign the IP address manually, then, we start the browser and go to the configuration page of the router and locate the PS5 in the list of connected devices of the router, we must locate the PS5 in the list of devices that are connected to the router.

    Another way to assign the IP manually is to enter the router configuration page and assign the new static IP to the console and proceed to enable DMZ in the router configuration, here we will add the static IP of PS5 to the list of DMZ devices and with this we get the console to have full access to the internet.

    Restarting the console and router is another of the actions that can be executed to solve this problem and once this has been executed we will use the LAN cable.

    There is the possibility of creating a new connection and this implies going to the PS5 home screen and navigating to Settings, then we must go to Network and Configure internet connection, it is necessary to select Use LAN cable and when asked how we want configure the connection we will place Easy.

     This is everything we know about How to fix Internet connection, so you can apply some of these fixes and continue to enjoy PS5.

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