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We continue talking about failures and that is why today we will explain how to Fix PS5 ‘Can’t Connect to the Server’ Error.

What is the error Fix PS5 ‘Can’t Connect to the Server’ Error?

  This is another of the inconveniences that we get and that it is necessary to solve, so it is vital to know how to Fix PS5 ‘Can’t Connect to the Server’ Error, this usually occurs when we start a game that usually requires connecting With an internet connection this can get frustrating and there has been a lot of talk about it on some forums, to date there are a few workarounds that are well worth running and we'll talk about that later.

How to Fix PS5 ‘Can’t Connect to the Server’ Error?

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    Choose to check the server status: this is the first action to take to solve this problem, sometimes the servers are down and this causes the error to be displayed, to check it you need to go to com, in case of being inactive, we just have to wait while it comes back online.

    Check the internet connection: this is another of the fixes that usually favors us to know How to Fix PS5 ‘Can’t Connect to the Server’ Error sometimes slow or unstable connections usually throw us errors, we can verify it by using the internet on other devices .

    Pause or cancel simultaneous downloads: sometimes we have a limited internet connection and for this reason it is necessary to take care of canceling or pausing other downloads that may be running in order to download to our PS5.

    Connect our console to cable internet: sometimes we have a Wi-Fi connection and this can be somewhat complex, so we must change the cable connection because it offers us more stability.

    Restart the PS5 and for this we must:


    •  Press the PS5 button in the center of the controller to bring up the menu.
    • Next, we'll navigate to the Power icon on the far right and click on it to choose Restart from the options that appear.
    • By getting the console to restart, we must restart the game and that's it.


     This is all you need to know about How to Fix PS5 ‘Can’t Connect to the Server’ Error, just apply one of these fixes.

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