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PS5: How to clear cache

2020-11-18 07:58:02

Now that the PS5 has just been launched, many users wonder how to clear the cache, which in this guide we are going to tell them.

What is the cache problem in the PS5.

It is not just a problem with the new Sony console but with any device with Internet access. What happens is that it accumulates and stores the cache, causing the device to slow down at a certain point due to the large number of files stored and you will have to delete the cache.

How to clear cache in PS5.

To do this you will have to completely turn off your console by pressing and holding the power button until the screen says "Preparing to turn off your PlayStation 5".

Although you could also press the PlayStation button to open the guide from the bottom> select On> Off.

When the console is turning off the power lights on the console will begin to flash, simply let the console and the lights turn off completely.

Once the lights stop flashing completely you will have to disconnect the power cord from the current for at least 30 seconds (you have to directly disconnect the cable from the console). This will clear your console's cache.

  We hope that now that you know how to clear the cache in PS5, you can improve the performance and speed of your console now that it will be a little lighter.

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